What is Foot Zone Therapy?

Foot Zone Therapy is derived from reflexology but is more comprehensive. Instead of concentrating only on certain organs, Zoning treats the entire body. Your foot holds a map of your body which is followed during the Zone to facilitate a return to homeostasis. It focuses especially on getting the lymphatic system moving to remove toxins from the body.

Foot Zoning is a form of energy work. Everything is made of energy, including your body! When there is a block in your energy it affects all your energy centers as well as each of the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.)

Your being intrinsically knows what is best for you and what you need in order to heal. Foot Zoning encourages these innate healing abilities by helping the four bodies come back into a place of alignment where they can work together to restore themselves to pique performance.

Who can get a Foot Zone?

Anyone and everyone can benefit from a Zone, regardless of age, gender, or health status. Some adjustments may be made on a case by case basis or by request.

How much does a Zone cost?

See pricing information.

How long does it take?

Typically 1 to 1.5 hours.

I don’t love having my feet touched, can I still get a Foot Zone? 

Yes! A main point of Foot Zoning is getting the energy in the body moving through the feet. If you would rather not have your feet touched, we can do what’s called an Air Foot Zone. This is where I perform the Zone movements without physically touching the feet. This is a good option for those who are extra ticklish, have a lot of foot pain, or plain don’t like their feet touched. 

What is a Distance Foot Zone or distance healing?

Remember how everything is energy? That includes thoughts, emotions, and intentions. One good example is that of a mother's love. Even if she is not physically nearby, the energy of the love she sends helps you through difficult times. Distance healing works in a similar way using intention and consistent energy.

Distance healing should never be performed without express permission from the recipient who then is able to decide whether or not they wish to accept some or all of the energy directed their way. Slots for Distance Zones are limited, message me to schedule one.

Do you offer Foot Zoning at people's homes?

On a limited, case by case basis, yes! Please message me directly with your location, reasons for preferring a Zone in your home, and a few options for preferred dates and times. See the pricing information for Foot Zoning at your home.

How often should I get a Foot Zone?

Truly, this is up to you and how you feel after. Listen to your heart and body; you will know when you need another treatment. What this means is that you know how your body feels and how the Foot Zone affected you.


Getting zoned is similar to working out. If you want to be in the best shape and be fit physically you need to set a plan to work out regularly. The same applies to getting aligned with Foot Zones and helping your body stay balanced. 


Many clients benefit greatly from being Zoned once every month while others feel it necessary to be Zoned as often as every week or 2 weeks. This really depends on what you are trying to accomplish with the treatments. 

What are possible benefits of Foot Zoning?

Better sleep

Cleanse the body of toxins

Harmony and peace in your life and home

Homeostasis and balance

Improved circulation

Improved relationships

Increased energy

Preventive health care

Quicker response time for health after injury or illness

Release body tension

Stress relief

Strengthen immune system

And more...

What conditions can a Foot Zone help?







Depression (including Postpartum)

Crohn's Disease

Diabetes I & II


Head Injuries

Heart conditions

Hormone imbalance



Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Kidney Stones



Multiple Sclerosis



Pulmonary conditions

Pregnancy side effects


Thyroid Disease

And many, many more...

What are some typical side effects that may occur during or after a Zone?

Change in sleeping patterns




Deep state of relaxation and calmness

Dry or thirsty mouth

Emotional stability

Greater expression of emotions

Healing crisis

Hormonal balance

Increased bodily functions

Increased energy

Pain relief

Release of emotions

And more...

I’ve heard a Foot Zone can cause things like illness to occur or worsen or even put a pregnant woman in labor.

Should I avoid getting Zoned if I’m worried about something like this?

The main point to a Zone is to bring the four bodies (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) back into alignment to a place where the body is well enough to heal itself.


Foot Zone Therapists cannot diagnose, prognosticate, or prescribe. We believe in treating the body as a whole and not treating specific diseases or problems. We cannot make claims to cure or directly heal someone but there have been remarkable results seen both during and after a zone. 

There have been several people that have experienced marked relief from common ailments such as headaches, back pain, digestive and sleep disorders, depression, autoimmune conditions, the common cold, influenza, stress, and many other health problems.

Many people claim to have gone into labor or become ill because of a Zone. As a Foot Zone Therapist, and a mere mortal being, I do not have the power to cause things to happen within you. Anything like this that may happen was always going to happen. The Zone is a great tool to help the body go through these movements faster, easier, and more safely. 

I have more questions!

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