Blue Tiger Eye Pendant II

Blue Tiger Eye Pendant II

You will receive the exact item pictured. A black, string necklace and a sheet with the crystal properties as listed below are included. 


Chakra: Throat; Third Eye


Zodiac: Capricorn


Relieves: Fears; Phobias; Hot tempers; Depression; Emotional and mental issues; Negative thoughts; Clears and aligns mid to higher chakras; Fear of flying; Worry


Encourages: Integrity; Insight; Intuition; Public speaking; Communication; Self-expression; Accepting and giving universal love and truth; Animal healing; Expanded horizons and opportunities; Stable flow of money; Good fortune


Physical: Fatigue; Seasonal Affective Disorder; Depression; Regulates hormones; Eye problems; Increased vitality


Mantra: “I am connected to my physical body.” : “I act in alignment with my values regardless of my circumstances.”