Botswana Agate "Tooth"

Botswana Agate "Tooth"

You will receive the exact item pictured. A black, string necklace and a sheet with the crystal properties as listed below are included. 


Chakra: Root


Zodiac: Gemini


Relieves: Evil; Loneliness; Grief; Fear; Emotional repression; Sensitivity to peer pressure and teasing; Dwelling on difficulties; Negative energies; Toxicity; Destructive mental patterns


Encourages: Change; Looking for solutions; Harmonize Yin and Yang; Balance energies; Inner stability; Maturity


Physical: Quit smoking; Depression; Fertility; Sexual dysfunction; Eyes; Hollow organs, ie stomach, uterus; Cardiac muscle strengthening 


Mantra: “I am open to change.” : “I am in agreement with life.” : “I resist nothing.”