Golden Tiger Eye Trapezoid

Golden Tiger Eye Trapezoid

You will receive the exact item pictured. A black, string necklace and a sheet with the crystal properties as listed below are included. 


Chakra: Sacral; Solar Plexus


Zodiac: Gemini


Relieves: Performance anxiety/stage fright; Negative intentions of others; Negative cravings; Feelings of isolation or inadequacy; Discouragement; Conflict; Tensions in relationships with differing views; Emotional extremes; Creative blocks


Encourages: Insight; Attention to detail; Emotional stability; Fortune; Entrepreneurial success; Perseverance; Finding common ground; Integrity; Awareness of needs vs. wants; Patience for the opportune moment


Physical: Hormone balance; Stimulate fertility; Fortifies blood; Balance between brain hemispheres; Disorders of eyes and throat


Mantra: “I act with confidence, strength, clarity, and enthusiasm.”