Rhodonite Double Point

Rhodonite Double Point

You will receive the exact item pictured. A black, string necklace and a sheet with the crystal properties as listed below are included.


Chakra: Heart


Zodiac: Taurus


Relieves: Desires to retaliate; Envy; Jealousy - especially between siblings; Feelings of inadequacy; Projecting negative feelings onto others; Pain from unrequited love; Mental scars from violence; Abusive and self-destructive behaviors


Encourages: Nurturing inner self; Realize highest potential; Recognize gifts and talents; Tact; Remaining centered in challenging circumstances; Self-assurance; Linguistic abilities; Tantric union; Processing emotional pain; Yin-yang balance


Physical: Restore physical energy drained by emotional trauma/drama; Reverse mineral depletion; Boost endocrine system; Allergic skin conditions; Stomach ulcers; Autoimmune disease

Mantra: “I am grounded in a nurturing love for myself and others.” : “I release emotional old wounds and open my heart to love.”